‘Street Fighter V: Champion Edition’ Introduces New Character Luke, Plus Extended Gameplay For Oro And Akira

by Sage Ashford

Capcom went all out with it’s Street Fighter V: Champion Edition Summer Update live-stream, not only revealing the final character for the game, but announcing the release dates for all three characters in the Season V pass. The final character, Luke, is meant to “expand the world of Street Fighter”, whatever that actually means. He’s coming to the game in November.

Meanwhile, Oro and Akira also got lengthy gameplay explanation videos. Oro comes from Street Fighter III, and is a hermit with such incredible skills he only needs to use one arm most of the time. His V-Skill and V-Trigger are a mix of his moveset from Street Fighter III along with entirely new moves.

Akira makes her first appearance in Street Fighter after originally being apart of the ‘Rival Schools’ series. True to the ‘Rival Schools’ titles which often relied on assists to change up the combat, Akira is able to call in her older brother Daigo to act as an assist character with her V-Trigger.

Both characters will be available on August 16th, which is out of the ordinary for Street Fighter DLC, as they’re usually spread out much further. After spending months spreading out Dan and Rose, it’s a bit of a surprise to have the final three characters released in the span of a couple months. It’s hard not to wonder if the next game isn’t close to being announced.

For now, Street Fighter V: Champion Edition is available for a free trial from August 4th to August 18th, and players will be able to use all characters from the previous four seasons of Street Fighter.

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