Vault Comics’ Hit Series ‘Barbaric’ To Return In 2022

by Olly MacNamee

You may have noticed if you’ve picked up Barbaric #2 last week that there is only one more issue left of this first arc. But, fear not comic book fans, as Vault Comics have plans for more. Co-creators Mike Moreci and Nathan Gooden will be returning in 2022 with “multiple new miniseries” but a number of one-shots too throughout 2022 and beyond:

“We’re going full throttle, pedal to the metal with BARBARIC, in every conceivable way. We’ve got big plans for this series, and the stories Nate and I have planned are going to give fans everything they want and more. I know what BARBARIC is, and I love what it is: violent, funny, irreverent, but also kinda sweet. Our aim was to rewrite the rules of the sword and sorcery fantasy genre; having done that, it’s now time to build.” – Mike Moreci

Gooden added:

“I’m as excited as Axe facing down a horde of evil monsters to announce that Barbaric is continuing. Whatever you think is coming, there’s more. More mayhem, more blood, more timely jokes, more touching moments. Touching moments? Who am I kidding? It’s just more barbaric axe-wielding badassery.”

Barbaric #1 is Vault’s highest-selling issue to date, with the first issue selling out at the distributor immediately upon release, and Vault Comics ordering multiple subsequent printings.

Look out for Barbaric #3 on Wednesday August 25th, 2021 with a hardcover edition that collects the entire first series in December, 2021.

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