Kickstarting Comics: Back ‘The Darkness Complete Collection’ Vol. 2 And Get ‘The Darkness’ #1/2 On Selected Pledges

by Olly MacNamee

With juts a week to go, Top Cow’s Kickstarter for The Darkness Complete Collection Vol. 2 Hard Cover is doing well. Very well. And if you back it you will also receive an all-new comic book too; The Darkness #1/2 Kickstarter Exclusive Issue by original creator Marc Silvestri (who provided cover art), artist Christopher Mitten, colourist Bryan Valenza and letterer Troy Peteri. It tells a story that centres on the return of Jackie Estacado, who first appeared in Witchblade #10, and the most powerful host of the Darkness.

So, if you are a fan you’ve got until Friday, August 13th to back it. There are still plenty of various pledges and rewards on offer too. But not all of them include The Darkness #1/2 comic, so look out for that.

11×17 Darkness 25th Anniversary Print by Marc Silvestri & Bryan Valenza

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