Art For Art’s Sake # 116 – The Magnificent Margaux Motin

by Richard Bruton

Hold everything, it’s time for another few moments of artistic bliss… it’s Art For Art’s Sake

Greg Smallwood – Nick Fury –

Marguerite Sauvage – cover of Ruin for The Dreaming: Waking Hours #11

Gahan Wilson

Detective Comics #1035 by Lee Bermejo – 

Sam Kieth Marvel Comics Presents #97

David Roach put up some truly wonderful work from Jae Lee

Greg Staples – Marshal Law commission – colour rough –

Josie & The Pussycats #1Colleen Coover

Bandette by Colleen Coover

Christian Ward

Steven Austin

Mike McKone

Mary Fleener

Roberta Gregory – “Here is my contribution to the Restroom controversy. Sing along with me…”


Now, to end with – Margaux Motin 

Oh, I love Motin’s work. Have done since first seeing it with 2012’s But I Really Wanted To Be An Anthropologist from SelfMadeHero.

Her work, as I said before when her second English translated work, Plate Techtonics, came out from Boom!, is “gorgeously, glamourously, stylishly, effortlessly funny and oh so magnificently clever.”

There’s a style and comedy that’s all her own, a sassiness, a sexiness, a cheekiness, all mixed in with exquisitely polished artistic and comedic craft. Most of her work is something that’s comics for sure, but she tends to lose the formal structure of comics, letting her work simply flow across the page, unhindered by the more traditional ideas of panel structure.

I love everything she does, love that her life is documented in her comics, an idealised version for sure but she’s far from painting herself as the perfect, classic Parisian woman, cutting across the chaos of day to day life in an effortless swirl of perfume and Chanel. No, instead, Motin’s life is all about the chaos and the devastation and it’s so wonderful to see.

There’s plenty more to translate – The Theory of Contortion, her wedding book, OuiVery Bad Twinz with Paco… I can only pray we’ll see more from her in English very soon – but until then, I shall keep hitting Google Translate to get the best out of her work.

She’s on InstagramFacebook, plus there’s her old website.

So, a few of Margaux Motin‘s wonderful works…




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