If You Have The Money, They Have The Means: Previewing ‘Second Chances’ #1

by Olly MacNamee
Written by Ricky Mammone
Art by Max Bertolini

“Second Chances Hotline – call now and get a new identity! All you need is some cash, a proper referral, and a very good reason to start over. When Leblanc, the man behind the hotline, is approached by a shady figure from his past, he’s forced to accept a new client who doesn’t meet any of the requirements – a client with chemically induced amnesia in desperate need of protection. Up-and-coming writer RICKY MAMMONE and artist MAX BERTOLINI  (The Witcher, Nathan Never) explode onto the scene with this psychedelic, action-packed, bizarre noir that feels like John Wick punching through an existential French New Wave fever dream.”

Second Chances #1 is out Wednesday 18th from Image Comics

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