The Return Of Infinity Inc. And The Debut Of Something More Dangerous: Reviewing ‘Infinite Frontier’ #4

by Olly MacNamee


Infinite Frontier #4 begins to draw the various plots together as we get the return of Infinity Inc. as well as the debut of Justice Incarnate’s biggest threat.


Once again we catch up with the various teams in Infinite Frontier #4 from last issue, starting with with President Calvin Ellis (Superman of Earth 23) giving Thomas Wayne a tour of the White House that doubles up as a Fortress of Solitude. And a trip to seek out lex Luthor. Joshua Williamson’s Superman is a man totally aware of his vast abilities and I always like a writer who gives Superman – and version of Superman – the level of super intelligence he once possessed in the DCU. Although we are taking a very long time ago now, pre-Crisis on Infinite Earths. And so, President Ellis’s super brain and super speed help him try and determine where Luthor could be in breakneck speed. But even all his Kryptonian intelligence doesn’t prepare him for what he and Batman find.

Meanwhile, Golden Age Green Lantern and his son, Obsidian, are captives of Mr Bones and the DEO as the latter reveals his grand plan to Agent Chase while we finally catch up with Black Hand/Roy Harper and what seems to be a newly reformed Infinity Inc. Connecting them all is the space ship that can be used to travel across the multiverse through the Bleed and seems to appear all over the place one way or another.

We also start to get the various plot lines come crashing together, quite literally. It was always going to happen, and with just two issue left, it was about time too. 

Williamson’s writing continues to be solid, and I liked the structuring of this issue to only reveal Infinity Inc. – the big cliffhanger at the end of last issue – only after checking in with other characters first. An effective build up of expectation and suspense that worked really well. Even if I am still struggling with the art. It’s not to say the various art teams aren’t any good, but as I’ve commented before, it’s not the level one expects from such a big summer event series like this one. And, again, I found Jesūs Merino’s artwork the most satisfying. Although to be fair, all the art styles are complimentary of one another, so it does allow a smooth flow of storytelling. 

Once more we get a great revelatory ending that sets up the next issue and an epiphany for Thomas Wayne that’s satisfying to read. All I all another entertaining instalment in this year’s big DC Comics’ event and one that continues to intrigue. 

Infinite Frontier #4 is out now from DC Comics

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