Is Rockstar Planning To Remaster The PS2 GTA Titles?

by Sage Ashford



A new rumor suggests Rockstar is planning to bring Grand Theft Auto III, Vice City, and San Andreas to modern consoles and phones. Normally, we don’t report on rumors – all too often they don’t pan out, and eventually it becomes just as much of a thing to report “corrections” on which rumors were true versus which ones were false. But Kotaku, along with multiple other sources, have all corroborated a new rumor suggesting that Rockstar is well on it’s way to re-releasing three of their most popular titles ever.

Supposedly, these games will be rendered in Unreal Engine now, and supposedly contain a mix of “new and old graphics”. There’s also talk of them updating some of the content and UI for the sake of making it more appealing to modern audiences.

It’s worth noting in the case of this rumor that Take-Two has already confirmed the existence of a trio of remasters releasing in the near future. That something like this could be on the docket is not just possible, it’s probable. Grand Theft Auto VI is nowhere to be found and even when it’s announced will likely still be years off. While Grand Theft Auto V is the second best-selling video game of all time and GTA Online is still performing amazingly, that doesn’t mean people aren’t clamoring for something else in the Grand Theft Auto world.

Supposedly, the games are scheduled to launch in October or November, which means they would have to be announced fairly soon. Could a new announcement for them pop up at Gamescom?

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