Advance Review: Ami Is Still Haunted In ‘Home Sick Pilots’ #8

by Olly MacNamee


Ami and Buzz try to keep their heads down in Seattle while Meg grows in her powers. It’s all heading for one Hell of a large stand-off one way or the other.


Ami and Buzz try to lay low in Seattle, but even then the lure of the Old James’ house still has a way of finding her out. She would love to ignore it, but on this occasion she can’t. It would seem she cannot escape the inextricable link she has with it. And it’s a link that is dangerous too. The last thing anyone on the run needs is attention.

Meanwhile over in the Nevada Desert, Meg seems to be making links of her own. And not for the better as she s[ends more and more time in her supernatural battle suit. A magical affair that seems to be sapping her of herself. 

Dan Watters and Caspar Wijngaard deliver an issue that offers up more on the haunting house and its past inhabitants – now ghosts – as well as a walking metaphor of a monster that adds the requisite tension to the backend of this issue. A well rounded instalment that both informs and entertains the reader and foreshadows an even bigger battle to come next time. Design and colour are still very important elements to the whole tone of this book. Greys and blues denote past events recalled by Ami as she talks about the Old James house, while another art style completely is adopted later on in the book to depict a local punk show Ami and Buzz attend. A rawer, flatter coloured style that tries to evoke the energy of live music. And all works exceptionally well.

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After a few issues of lying low, and the establishment of Meg and the punky government outfit ‘System Disruption’ all the places are in place and in play for a showdown of e[pic proportions, similar to the ending of the first story arc. As much as this is a horror book, Watters and Wijngaard’s love of Mechas is never too far off. All-in-all, making this one of the more original horror book concepts on the shelves today.

Home Sick Pilots #8 is out Wednesday 18th August from Image Comics

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