‘Daredevil’ Ends With November’s #36… But Zdarsky And Checchetto’s Epic Isn’t Over

by Tony Thornley

Over the last three years, Chip Zdarsky and Marco Checchetto have told one of the biggest, but most intimate epics in Daredevil’s long streak of excellent runs. And although the current volume comes to an end with November’s Daredevil #36, as announced on Monday, it is not the end of this epic story.

Zdarsky and Checchetto (alongside amazing guest artists like Jorge Fornes, Mike Hawthorne and Manuel Garcia) have told a story over the last three and a half years of accountability, grief, anger, and corruption. We’ve seen a violent war for Hell’s Kitchen, Kingpin gaining more and more power as the Mayor of New York, Matt Murdock being sent to prison, and Elektra Natchios taking up the mantle of Daredevil. And now, the volume comes to an end with Zdarsky and Garcia telling the tale of a supervillain wedding to rival any Marvel wedding to date — The Kingpin and Typhoid Mary are tying the knot.

“I know writers like to say things like ‘it’s all been building toward this!!’ but, really, it has,” Zdarsky said. “When I sat down to write issue one, I knew that this issue was waiting and that it was going to drastically alter the lives of the Daredevil cast. Issue 36 is NOT an ending, it’s a beginning.”

So what’s going to happen in this epic conclusion? Will Kingpin and Typhoid get a happily ever after? Will Matt Murdock survive the prison riot he’s stuck in? Can Elektra survive an army of Bullseyes? And which Daredevil will be the last one standing?

Plus what is happening next with the Daredevil franchise, as Marvel is promising that this isn’t the end for the creative team’s epic run? It seems like we may see Daredevil: Woman Without Fear or maybe Daredevils this winter. Whatever form it’s taking, Marvel has promised an announcement on August 31 with more exciting information.

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