Mondo Release ‘Godzilla: The Animated Series’ Statue To Launch Its Godzilla Museum Collection

by Olly MacNamee

Godzilla may have been birth on film in 1954, but for many kids of the ’70s, the king of the kaiju was a Saturday morning cartoon character. And now Mondo Toys & Collectibles are releasing a sculpted statue to launch its Godzilla Museum collection.

Godzilla: The Animated Series statue is designed and painted by Hector Arce and sculpted by Tufan Sezer, this is available on Mondo now at $120 with more to be announced.

“Our GODZILLA MUSEUM line of small-scale collectible statues will celebrate all iterations of Godzilla throughout its rich history through media, from its most iconic looks to new artist interpretations. 

What better way to kick off Series 1 of GODZILLA MUSEUM with the first official release of a collectible based on the killer ’70s cartoon. If you grew up a Godzilla fan during that time, there’s no doubt that you sang along to that tune (…”annnnnd Godzooki!!!”). It’s still stuck in our heads.”

Godzilla Museum x Attack Peter – tbc
Godzilla Museum x Gojira (1954) – tbc


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