‘Pokemon Brilliant Diamond And Shining Pearl’ Invites Players To Dig Into The Details

by Sage Ashford

During the latest Pokemon Presents, Nintendo revealed more information about the remake of their fourth generation Pokemon titles, Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl. Players will again get to head back to the Sinnoh Region, learning about the myths and mysteries of the region while also battling against Team Galactic.

They’ll also get to explore an expanded version of the original games’ underground, now the Grand Underground. The Grand Underground has been expanded into six separate areas, where they can dig into the underground and create their own base. While underground, they can run into Pokemon that can’t be found anywhere in the Sinnoh Region in Pokemon Hideaways. The Sinnoh Region will also have the return of Super Contests, and players will be able to meet Trainers in the Union Room.

Nintendo is also making special editions of the Nintendo Switch Lite, the Dialga and the Palkia Editions. The Dialga one is silver-colored, while the Palkia one is gold-colored. Both launch on November 5th.

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Pokemon Shining Pearl release exclusively for the Nintendo Switch on November 19th.

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