Webcomic Weekly: Chloe Noonan Returns For A Summer Special

by Richard Bruton

Okay, so is it really Webcomic Weekly if the last one came back in July? But never mind, we’re back with a goodie, as Marc Ellerby‘s wonderful Chloe Noonan returns…

I’ve talked about Chloe Noonan before here at Comicon as a Best of British when looking at the Quarantine comic… and how better to celebrate the appearance of that funny yellow thing in the sky  (at least in Britain) than being able to dive into a brand-new Chloe Noonan Summer Special, 24 pages of comics over at Gumroad with a pay what you want model – which counts (at least in my head) to being eligible for Webcomic Weekly!

So, time to hit the beach with the whinging ginger ninja and the monsters are never that far behind!

It’s the season of sun, fun and falling on your bum as Chloe Noonan and her pals try to have a nice relaxing day at the beach, until a bunch of monsters turn up and threaten everything!

So, just your normal sort for day for Noonan then. And if you’ve never experienced the brilliance of something that should, definitely should, be absolutely huge and make Ellerby enough money that he can do it full time. Chloe’s a fabulously grumpy, always whinging, ginger of hair, monster hunter. Except she’d much rather be doing anything but monster-hunting – Netflix and chill is far more her thing.

As for Ellerby, well, he’s been a favourite since I first saw his autobiographical diary comic Ellerbisms. Since that magnificent bit of brutally honest, very funny, very sad at times work, he’s been doing some Chloe Noonan: Monster Hunter before heading off for work on Rick & Morty, Doctor WhoDungeons and Dragons, Regular Show, The Beano and The Amazing World of Gumball.

Thankfully for us, he’s back in the groove of Chloe Noonan comics, mostly published through his Patreon page, with this new Summer Special coming as a summer treat through Gumroad’s pay what you want model.

What’s worse… the monsters on the beach?

Or being a ginger facing the sun?

So, don’t delay, go to Gumroad and buy the new comic, head over to Ellerby’s Patreon and pledge good hard cash to keep him making these bloody great comics. Oh, and check out his site, tip him over at Ko-fi, or just say Hi on Twitter!

I guess all that’s left to do is show you a few pages of the Summer Special to see what a treat you’re in for!

And finally… I’ve shown you this before, but there’s no better way of someone showing how good they are AND advertising their Patreon as this… the Ellerby meets Chloe Noonan…



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