Prove Your Guild Supremacy In New Fortress Battles For ‘A3: Still Alive’

by Gary Catig

The July update for A3: Still Alive introduced the Fast-Pass system along with the new land of Lesca. The most recent update looks to bring even more fun and engaging content.

Fortress Battles will be available in the dark fantasy open world RPG. It is a new “Server-integrated Guild Battle” mode which involves three 50-player guilds with a maximum of 150 participants per skirmish. Two of the guilds serve as attackers while the third guild defends the fortress. This new mode will begin Saturday, August 28.

In addition, there is the Weapon/Equipment Mythical Awakening system where Legendary-Set Equipment over Level 180 can be upgraded to Mythical-Set equipment. Completing the entire set will unlock all-new set substats.

From now until September 9, players can do the new personal event dungeon, “Rat Thief Nest.” By beating rats and the final boss, Rat Thief Captain: Ratting, players can earn items used at the difficulty of their choosing including items used for awakening Soul Linkers up to the Mystic level.

Other new features include:

  • ‘Inside The Hidden Fortress’ Rift Pre-season Opens — The Rift opens between 22:00~23:00 every day during the pre-season, allowing trespassing players to summon and defeat bosses or engage in PVP, in the dungeon normally only accessible by the winning guild of Fortress Battles.
  • Fortress Battle Release Celebration 7-Day Check-In (8/19~9/2) — Players can receive rewards by logging in daily including Ancient Accessory Chest and Lv. 180 Legendary-Set Chest.
  • ‘Bennet’s Power Up Support Mission Event’ (8/19~9/2) — By participating in the event, players can earn [Rat Thief Nest] entry tickets and other items, including Superior Complement Chest and Superior Artifact Chest.
  • ‘To the Ballroom Exchange Event’ (8/19~9/9) — By earning Ball Invitations and Bouquets by completing Fortress Battle, Tower of Greed, and other modes, players can exchange these items for rewards including Sweet Ballroom Weapon/Equipment Exchange Tickets.

The game will also be expanding to other platforms and will be available for Windows PC through their website and on the App Store for iMac.

A3: Still Alive is now available as a free digital download from Apple’s App Store and Google Play.

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