Thought Bubble Launches Comic Book Donation Drive

by Olly MacNamee

In a bold attempt to get more comic books into people’s hands, Thought Bubble Festival have launched a comic book donation drive. Thought Bubble already run a programme, with partners Diamond UK and Travelling Man that sees many comics donated to libraries all across the county of Yorkshire here in England. Now they are asking for you to get involved, Whether a fan a creator or even a comic store owner, you can donate any old or new comics knowing they will be distributed to schools, libraries and charitable organisations across the UK. 

Chloe Green, Festival Manager, adds:

“Consistent budget cuts to the arts, to schools and libraries mean essentials that should be accessible to everyone no longer are; and one of those things is comic books. Everyone knows comics can be fun, superhero-filled, fantasies, but they are also excellent tools to express emotional highs and hardships, to share experiences in a much more encompassing and enticing way than can be achieved with words alone; and I think everyone should have the chance to explore them.

The Comic Book Drive’s aim is to equip schools, libraries and charities with stacks of comics, for everyone to come and enjoy. We want to inspire people to read more, and to write, draw, and maybe even become the next big comic book creator that we could have as a future special guest at our convention!”

Comics can be donated from today and up to the convention itself – November 13th and 14th – and know that these books will go to a good cause.

As a teacher myself, I know how invaluable such a donation can be, and I know how comic books in school libraries can really help and entertain pupils all ages and all reading abilities.

To find out more, and how to donate head on over to TB’s special donation page here.


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