Scout Comics Announces Second Wave Of Comics Tags Titles

by Brendan M. Allen

One of the major issues comic publishers and collectors face in the digital age is adapting to digital comics platforms in an industry that relies heavily on physical collectability. Scout Comics has partnered with Comic Tags to address this issue. 

Comic Tags are a hybrid of comic books and trading cards, giving collectors a tangible card to collect, while retaining the benefits of digital comics.

The limited edition collectible cards each have a unique scratch off code to download a PDF copy of the graphic novel featured on the card. They’re attached to hangable backers that open, close, and look like a mini-comic book. These backers have interiors that are pulled right from the comic, giving you a glimpse at what you’re getting and a fun art piece to hang on to along with the collectible card.

Each Comic Tag looks and feels like a miniature comic book, right down to the clear plastic comic sleeve each one comes with. Inside each mini ‘comic’ cover is a limited edition collectible card that contains a unique code that allows the bearer to download a digital PDF of the comic book pictured on the card. 

Most graphic novels are priced between $14.99 and $29.99 each. Comics Tags are currently being offered for less than half that cost, at $6.99 apiece. For collectors, it’s a fraction of the trade paperback price. For publishers, it’s a whole new product line and profitable way to sell their digital books.

For Comic Tags’ second wave of releases, Scout Comics is offering another eight titles. Grit, Metalshark Bro: Volume One, Once Our Land: Volume One, Solar Flare: Season Two, Heavenly Blues, The Shepherd: Volume One, Smoketown, and Infernoct  are available now, with more titles and more publishers coming in the future. You can find Comic Tags’ current offerings for sale here

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