A Grand And Goofy Heist With An Unexpected Twist: ‘Chu’ #7 Advance Review

by Olly MacNamee


Chu #7 by John Layman and Dan Boultwood is a great heist caper with plenty of surprises and all delivered up with the usual Layman brand humour. A great addition to Layman’s Chuniverse.


Chu #7 is a wonderfully brisk, breezy and sometimes bloody heist caper with a lot of Saffron sass along the way. Saffron and her loser boyfriend are out to nab a very special vintage bottle of plonk, and so they raise a team. Y’know the kind, each one with a special skill that will help in the execution of the heist and each one wonderfully realised by artist Dan Boultwood, who adds the appropriately cartoonish art style to John Layman’s humorous script. With plenty of Easter eggs to look out for too. Not only do we get a good few Star Wars references but none other than Inspector Clouseau is walking around too. But then this is Paris, France, so why not? It all adds to the enjoyment of this issue and the series so far. 

John Layman’s script wonderfully captures the vibe of heist films such as Ocean’s 11 and replicates it into the printed page. But given Layman’s skill at turning a script upon its head and play with reader’s expectations, by the end of the issue there’s a twist no-one will see coming. Chew was a series that did exactly the same thing, and while this spin-off is a very different book to it’s predecessor, part of the fun is not knowing where things will end up. 

Chu #7 gives you get a whip-smart comedic script and an exaggerated cast of caricatures as well as several twist and turns too. It’s not just the ending that will surprise you. 

Chu #7 is out Wednesday 25th August from Image Comics

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