Hero Collector Unveils Its ‘Deadpool Heavyweight Collection’ Of 1:18 Scale Statuettes

by Olly MacNamee

UK based Hero Collector have unveiled a selection of new Deadpool collectable 1:18 scale statuettes making up the first wave of its Deadpool Heavyweight Collection, debuting this November for $49.95/£39.99 each.

“These hand-painted models showcase Wade Wilson, a.k.a. Deadpool, in costumes and poses straight from the comics, all in full cast metal. Each highly-detailed figurine stands roughly 4-5 inches tall atop a weighted metal base, making them the perfect addition to any collectors’ shelf – and can be stored in a stylish collector’s tin decorated with art from the comics!”

The first wave in the Deadpool Heavyweights collection features:

  • Deadpool (Classic), the Merc With the Mouth we all know and love (well, we all know him, anyway). Clad in his classic red-and-black costume with twin katanas and a bandolier of useful pouches, this figurine offers a cheery thumbs-up to screaming bystanders and comic book fans alike.

  • Deadpool (French Maid), offering slaughter with a smile in a frilly black-and-white maid outfit! This costume made its debut in Deadpool #20, when the Regenerating Degenerate took on the deadly simian assassin, Hit-Monkey! He also dressed up as a maid. It’s complicated.

  • Deadpool (Groom), dressed to kill, in tux-and-tails and a fancy top hat! Wade’s been married a few times, but this costume is straight from the cover of Deadpool #27, in which Deadpool got hitched to Shiklah, demonic Queen of the Underworld. It was a very romantic affair, honest.

  • Deadpool (Boxers), wearing that most classic of superhero attire – boxers on the outside! This figurine complements its bold fashion choices by offering a confident wave to Wade’s loving fans, or possibly to the voices in his head.

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