Webcomic Weekly: Welcome To ‘Slug Cafe’

by Richard Bruton

Welcome to Webcomic Weekly, the nominally every 7-day feature covering comics on the Internet… whatever they are, however they’re presented. This week, it’s a cafe run by slugs, Slug Cafe by Liam ‘Pais’ Hill.


Liam ‘Pais’ Hill’s ridiculously stupid and silly and clever and damn funny Slug Cafe came to the artist and musician in a dream and, since then, we’ve been getting visits to the ‘only gastropod gastropub where the slugs hate the snails and the decaying biological matter flows freely’ pretty regularly.

C’mon, it’s just a funny set-up from the off. Here’s the first Slug Cafe

And they’ve continued, in much the same vein, since then. We’ve had snails, worms, real slugs, health inspectors, and plenty more.

It’s simple for sure, but it’s also simply funny. And that’s the joy of it – sometimes it’s just great to have something that’s clever AND funny in your life. And the little things make it even better – such as the signs on the vans…


As for where you can visit the Slug Cafe… there’s a load of places to experience the surreal delights of gastronomy with gastropods… Twitter, Facebook, Tapas, and there’s a shop (empty when I wrote this, but hey, check back.)

Aside from Slug Cafe, Pais also draws Yorkshire Ghost, Mothtown, and the webcomic HighGreenDawn, a strip that started off about zombies and music and ended up, 10 seasons later, about whatever the hell Pais wanted it to be about…


And there’s even a couple of Slug Cafe animateds to entertain you as well….


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