Actor John Leguizamo Brings His Latino Comic Book Series ‘PhenomX’ To Image Comics

by Olly MacNamee

Listed in Image Comics’ November solicitations, PhenomX is the new comic book series from acclaimed actor, John Leguizamo featuring cover art by Spawn creator Todd McFarlane on the debut issue.

Long-time fans may remember that Leguizamo played Spawn’s arch-enemy, The Clown in the 1997 Spawn film and where he first met McFarlane.

“PhenomX centers around the character, Max Gomez, who was wrongfully imprisoned and is desperate to regain his freedom. Max agrees to become a subject in an underground government experiment. When the trial gives him phenomenal shape-shifting abilities, Gomez learns his new “freedom” requires surviving a superpowered war fought on the streets of NYC.”

Originally announced as a crowdfunding campaign in 2019, PhenomX features an all-Latino creative team of artist Edgardo Miranda-Rodriguez (La Boriqueña) and cover artists by Jim Muñiz, José Marzán, Jr. and Juan Fernández. An important decision by Leguizamo for the following reason:

“In today’s world, it’s incredibly important to support Latin artists. There is a lack of Latin representation in Hollywood, and it’s important to showcase Latin superheroes.”

McFarlane adds:

“John has been a multitalented artist for such a long time it was exciting to hear that he wanted to bring some of those talents into our comic industry and to help give a voice to a certain segment of society. John is well regarded in the Latino entertainment world and we are both hoping that his character not only makes an impact here but across the globe, regardless of your background. Cool comic books should have a place everywhere.”

PhenomX #1 on Wednesday, November 3rd from Image Comics

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