New Network, Same Other Two: ‘The Other Two’ Season 2 Reviewed

by Rachel Bellwoar

Chase (Case Walker) may no longer be the only famous Dubek in the family, but Cary (Drew Tarver) and Brooke (Heléne Yorke) are still very much The Other Two when the show returns this week for season two on HBO Max.

If the HBO Max part sounds different, that’s because it is – season one aired on Comedy Central – but if The Other Two has changed at all it’s only gotten better, as season two sees Pat (Molly Shannon) get her own daytime talk show in the style of Ellen, and Chase tries to revive his singing career after deciding college wasn’t for him.

Which leaves Cary and Brooke, who are both not exactly where they want to be in their respective career paths. After trying to find the next ChaseDreams, when it seemed like her brother wasn’t going to be singing anymore, Brooke ends up agreeing to co-manage her mom and brother with Streeter (Ken Marino), who’s just as paranoid as ever of being left out of decisions. Cary, meanwhile, has a new manager (Joe Curnutte), too, but all the gigs he’s been getting are for hosting jobs on shows like The Gay Minute, that don’t require much acting.

Photograph by Courtesy of HBO Max

Few shows can rival The Other Two when it comes to jokes per minute, and season two is no exception. While Cary and Brooke keep trying to make “dress for the job you want” work, Chase and Pat continue to have trouble asserting themselves, and saying no to PR stunts they really shouldn’t be agreeing to do.

PR has always been an easy target for comedy and The Other Two is very aware of how superficial and privileged celebrity can be, but while the show never hesitates to make fun of those excesses, it also makes sure to take time to acknowledge the hard work that goes into those jobs, as well. Chase and Pat both keep crazy hours, and while Brooke is excited for all the manager perks she expects to get, the reality of the situation is her on the phone while all of the fun happens twenty feet away.

None of the humor on the show is mean, and while the Dubeks sometimes lose sight of the bigger picture, there’s never any doubt that they love each other. At the end of episode four Brooke invites Cary over to talk because of something that happened to him that day, but when Cary realizes it’s Brooke who needs to talk, he agrees to come over under that pretence.

Pat’s arc this season might be the most interesting of all, given how she wasn’t always there for Chase last season when he needed her. This year she gets to experience fame for herself, and while the show doesn’t treat it as a rub it in her face moment, there’s definitely a sense that the show is building up to some kind of reckoning or eureka moment on her or Chase’s part, or both.

Season two of The Other Two starts August 26th on HBO Max. I’ve seen six of the ten episodes.

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