Review: ‘The Department Of Truth’ #12 Is Yet Another Exposition Heavy Issue

by Olly MacNamee


More exposition on the nature of belief and tulpas, but after twelve issues it’s beginning to feel repetitive. Thankfully Martin Simmonds’ art saves the day once more.


In any given issue of The Department of Truth there is always the presence of exposition heavily poured on loin syrup over pancakes. And often it is to the same subject of culpas and conspiracy theories becoming reality through collective belief. And after twelve issues its becoming monotonous for this reader. A theme central to the very content and context of this espionage thriller but highly repetitive. Thankfully Martin Simmonds’ artwork still has be coming back fro more each and every month. But for how much longer, I don’t know. It’s all becoming somewhat formulaic, even though this issue does ramp up the tension with the shady Hawk taking Cole on a helicopter ride he may wish he never agreed to go on by the time this is all over.

Given the dark and opaque nature of James Tynion IV’s story, Simmonds’ equally dark and opaque artwork fits the bill brilliantly. You can almost feel the grittiness of his highly textured and rough looking art which helps elevate an issue of what is, in essence, a talking heads issue. Again.

We get more on the Black Hat as well as another look back into Cole’s childhood with the promise of at least some raising of the stakes in the next issue and, as I said, the exposition. Dots across time being linked by Tynion IV to expose the dark underbelly of America. Twelve issues in and we may now know more about The Department of Truth but what Cole’s integral links are to this shadow organisation are finally being exposed. And it’s the tension surrounding this central personal mystery that Tynion is relying on readers to still be enamoured by to keep the tension moving. After all, we’ve all been schooled in conspiracy theories so much I have to ask will Cole’s story be enough to carry this series into a second year? Well, the answer is obviously “yes” but I’m not too sure I can take any more without something really revelatory happening soon. There’s only so much repetition posing as plot I can take, and I’m reaching my limit.

The Department of Truth #12 is out now from Image Comics

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