Cyberpunk RPG ‘Shadow of Conspiracy: Section 2’ Announced

by Sage Ashford

Developer Elysium Game Studios has announced a new hybrid first/third-person shooter RPG known as Shadows of Conspiracy: Collection 2. Set in a futuristic Berlin in 2087, Shadows of Conspiracy players the player in the role of Nolan, a cop that uncovers a massive conspiracy theory after they begin investigating the murder of a police chief.

The developers cite influences like Blade Runner and Ghost in the Shell, along with Metal Gear Solid inspiring their gameplay, which is meant to be a mix between stealth and straight-forward gun play. The city of Berlin is described as a “cyberpunk metropolis shielded by massive walls from it’s devastated open world surroundings, where outcasts gather and malfunctioning machines roam the land”, while the citizens of Berlin are plagued by “corruption, inequality, and cyberization”.

Perhaps most interesting is the game is aiming to offer the opportunity to replay the game from the perspective of the antagonist, which is a pretty rare feature not often included in most games.

Shadows of Conspiracy: Section 2 is aiming to release on next-gen consoles and PC, but doesn’t have a release date.

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