First Look: The Unfortunates Must Get To The Core In ‘Good Luck’ #4

by Brendan M. Allen

BOOM! Studios has revealed a first look at Good Luck #4, the penultimate issue in their new five-issue original series from writer Matthew Erman, artist Stefano Simeone, and letterer Mike Fiorentino.

‘Reeling from their recent discovery that Joseph is more than what he seems, The Unfortunates must focus on their mission, but in order to have any chance to save the world, they must get to the Core. Meanwhile, the Secretary of Luck and his cronies have invaded the Kismet Zone after our team’s disappearance, and may ruin everything. And… what do Ursa and Cassiopeia have to do with the final mission of the Core?’  

Featuring main cover art by Jorge Corona and variant covers by Gerald Parel and Jonboy Meyers, Good Luck #4 hits the spinner racks September 22, 2021.

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