‘Lost Judgment’ Reveals It’s Complete English Voice Cast

by Sage Ashford

Sega has released a new trailer detailing all the English voice actors working on their upcoming title, Lost Judgment, sequel to their 2018 title Judgment. English voice acting coming back to the Yakuza universe is still fairly new, as the titles released post the original game were all simply English subtitled. That changed with Judgment and the 2020 Yakuza: Like A Dragon, and it looks to continue with Lost Judgment. The English cast includes:

Greg Chun as Takumi Yagami
Artt Butler as Akihiro Ehara
Stephanie Sheh as Saori Shirosaki
Erica Lindbeck as Yoko Sawa
Mark Whitten as Sugiura
Todd Haberkorn as Jin Kuwana
Brent Mukai as Daimu Akutsu
Matt Y. King as Kazuki Soma
Crispen Freeman as Masaharu Kaito

Lost Judgment continues the story of Yagami, a man who became a detective after a criminal escaped thanks to his work as a lawyer. In the new title, Yagami deals with the case of a man who seems to have found a way to commit two crimes at once: public sexual harassment on a train…and a grisly murder. Yagami is left trying to figure out how he could have possibly committed both crimes after the man reveals knowledge of the murder while on trial for his other crime.

Lost Judgment releases for PlayStation and Xbox consoles September 24th.

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