Review: ‘Infinite Frontier’ #5 Is Bold, Brash And Big On Action

by Olly MacNamee


Infinite Frontier #5 delivers on action and ramps up the danger to the multiverse considerably by the end of this highly enjoyable issue. One for old-school DC Comics’ fans that’s for sure, but plenty for any comic book fan to enjoy too.


I have to admit, for a villain Psycho Pirate makes a very good point about the multiverse and how the usual heroes of Earth-0 always seems on one out on top at the start of Infinite Frontier #5. And I’m not the only one who thinks that given who he has managed to recruit to his Injustice Incarnate team. And not all bad guys either with Lady Quark, Magog and Captain Atom amongst their numbers. Given this is a monologue delivered by Psycho Pirate it’s brought to life with the well executed layouts of Jesús Merino from a script by Joshua Williamson. A speech one feels he is delivering time and time again across the multiverse to various heroes and villains keen to hear his deal. A deal with Darkseid at the very centre of it. 

When next we drop in on the various superheroes running around the multiverse it clear things have deteriorated. Alan Scott is reunited with his daughter and Infinity Inc. but Mr. Bones reverse back to his older Infinity Inc. era costume too. And that’s not the only reveal here as we learn the true identity of Extract too. A secret identity that takes Agent Chase by complete surprise. And the reader too. 

As well as plenty of explanation there’s also a good dose of action too as good versus bad on a large scale fitting of such an epic blockbuster series like this one. And unlike recent issues, it allows all the various artists involved to shine as they take it in turns to depict the battle between the Injustice Incarnate and the pre-Crisis on Infinite Earths’ Earth-2 heroes, with a little help from a some friends. And Williamson gives every major player their time in the spotlight too, which is one Hell of a juggling act to pull off. The bold, brash colouring of colourist Hi-Fi only adds to the spectacle bringing a brightness to each page, even when the backdrop is a starry sky. 

This fifth issue really ramps up the action as well as the dire peril our heroes and the multiverse find itself in by the end of the issue. It’s all shaping up into a great addition to the various crises the DCU as gone through and a contender for best event series of the year. And out now from DC Comics.

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