Ubisoft Offers A Game Overview In New ‘Far Cry 6’ Trailer

by Sage Ashford

With less than a month before the game comes out, Ubisoft has released a six minute trailer for Far Cry 6, giving an overview of the game’s story and world. It combines a lot of information revealed in previous trailers — like main character Dani Rojas (who can be played as a woman or a man), a person who tried to escape their home country of Yara by boat only to be found by the nation’s dictator, Anton Castillo (Giancarlo Espostio).

Anton finds his son Diego has been trying to escape the country with other people, and, in response, kills everyone on the boat except for Dani. The player character survives and joins a group of freedom fighters aiming to take down Anton. From there, the trailer shows off the variety of different locales and characters the player will meet in Yara.

Interestingly, this Far Cry is the first one to feature a third-person perspective, with Dani exploring the guerilla bases in third-person, and most of the cutscenes including the character as well. Perhaps we’re not too far off from a Far Cry game that switches between both perspectives seamlessly…

Far Cry 6 launches on October 7th for Xbox and PlayStation consoles, the UPlay Store, and Epic Games Store.

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