Tango Softworks’ ‘Ghostwire: Tokyo’ Releases Spring 2022

by Sage Ashford

Tango Softworks’ first-person action game Ghostwire: Tokyo made an appearance at Sony’s PlayStation Showcase, giving a glimpse at what appears to be a villain in new character, Hannya. Originally revealed during the E3 2019 Bethesda show, Ghostwire: Tokyo has made sporadic appearances after being delayed. Check out more about the game’s set-up from the PlayStation blog:

“Players awaken in an abandoned street crossing as Tokyo’s population disappears, without a clue as to where they’ve gone or why. There’s no time to question why you’ve been spared as otherworldly Visitors attack the city, seemingly led by a masked man known as Hannya and his acolytes.

These Visitors are no mere apparitions. You’ll need to master Ethereal Weaving – a powerful art that attunes the elements with spiritual energy – alongside other equipment and ghost-hunting skills to face such a threat. Wielding the power of wind, water and fire, you’ll combine abilities to tackle a variety of supernatural foes, including:

  • Agile spirits in the form of headless high school students attack in groups, using speed and acrobatics to catch you off-guard
  • Dolls based off traditional teru teru bozu weather charms that fly through the air, as if hoisted on invisible strings, and shoot fire from a distance
  • Faceless ghosts that roam rainy environments in funeral attire that can deflect attacks with their umbrella as they approach to strike at close-range.”

Despite Bethesda being purchased by Xbox, the title remains a PlayStation 5 exclusive for the first year and launches in early 2022.

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