Battling Across Galactus’s Space Ship: Previewing ‘Iron Man’ #12

by Olly MacNamee
Cover Artist Alex Ross

Writer Christopher Cantwell
Artist Angel Unzueta

“Iron Man is a long way from Earth. He now stands on the decks of Galactus’ worldship, Taa II, in deep space, and though he doesn’t have to face the World-Eater himself this time around, he certainly has to deal with the ship’s most brutal and lethal defenses. If he manages to survive those, it’s only a matter of moments before Tony Stark will have to turn around and confront his fiercest foe of recent memory, KORVAC. Tony must also face the mad android’s zealous disciples, all of whom have a personal ax to grind with the Golden Avenger—THE CONTROLLER, UNICORN, BLIZZARD and their most recent addition, a robotically enslaved ORIGINAL HUMAN TORCH.

This showdown has been a long time coming, but Tony wasn’t counting on five-against-one odds. Tony needs backup. Tony could use some friends.”

Iron Man #12 is out Wednesday 15th September from Marvel

Marvel Preview: Iron Man #12Marvel Preview: Iron Man #12Marvel Preview: Iron Man #12Marvel Preview: Iron Man #12

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