IDW Announces One New Hire And One New Promotion

by Olly MacNamee

IDW Publishing has announced the expansion of its Editorial department to include Maggie Howell as Senior Editor of Original Content and IDW editor Megan Brown who will join her on the Originals team, focusing on Middle Grade and Young Adult content.

Maggie Howell

“Maggie Howell joins IDW after five years at DC Comics, where she focused exclusively on mature-reader originals and standalone evergreen superhero titles as a Vertigo and Black Label editor. She worked on several Eisner Award-winning and nominated series, including Mister Miracle and Far Sector, and managed the expansion of the Batman: White Knight universe. Howell also helped develop and launch multiple lines and imprints spearheaded by Mark Doyle, including Neil Gaiman’s The Sandman Universe and Joe Hill’s Hill House Comics.”

“The best thing about original comics is that they offer a truly unlimited outlet for creative vision, which opens doors to talent who might not otherwise find a path to the medium. Those new ideas and voices nurture the industry, and finding and developing them was a thrill that fueled the work I did alongside Mark Doyle at DC. IDW’s commitment to their Originals program in pursuit of those same goals is refreshing and inspiring, and I’m beyond excited to be a part of it.” – Maggie Howell


Megan Brown

“Prior to joining the Originals team, Megan Brown worked with IDW as an Editor for two years, helping shape new directions for licensed comics including My Little Pony, Marvel Action: Captain Marvel, Star Trek, and more.”

“IDW has always been a great home for kids’ comics. It’s exciting for me, as someone who’s gotten to work on many licensed titles for younger readers, to take what I’ve learned to Originals! I’m really stoked to dive into the Middle Grade and Young Adult space, and to continue to build upon IDW’s library of diverse and meaningful stories.” – Megan Brown

All that’s left to say is congratulations to both on the new positions.

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