EigoManga Releases A New Chapter In ‘Vanguard Princess’ Comic Series

by Brendan M. Allen

EigoManga has announced the latest chapter in their comic book series based on the PC game Vanguard Princess.

Chapter 3 of the Vanguard Princess comic book series is an exclusive digital DLC to the PC game. Both the comic and game are available through the digital distribution platform, Steam.

In No Extradition, The Nayuta Corporation discovered that a mysterious girl possessed cosmic abilities. They held her captive and subjected her to cruel experiments.

The experiments caused a cosmic shockwave that enabled people within the organization to help her escape. This same cosmic shockwave gifted various girls with mystical powers. A girl possessing these powers is now referred to as a Vanguard Princess.

The Nayuta Corporation will not stop until they recapture the girl; even if it causes an international incident.

More information on Vanguard Princess can be found on its Steam page here. The ‘Vanguard Princess’ Comic Book Series Steam DLC Steam page is located here

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