Shintaro Kago’s ‘Super-Dimensional Love Gun’ Reviewed

by Tito W. James


Super-Dimensional Love Gun offers a tasting menu into the mind of one of Japan’s most bizarre manga creators. If you’re new to the works of Shintaro Kago this is a great place to start.


Fashionable-paranoia is a mix of splatter violence, humor, and titillation; manga artist Shintaro Kago has helped define the genre over the last twenty years. Collecting fifteen different short stories from his illustrious career, Super-Dimensional Love Gun compiles tales full of neurotic dark humor and unease.

Much like Dementia 21, Super-Dimensional Love Gun is a series of bizarre short stories typically centering on a young, female protagonist. SDLG has wide variety of material which could be hit or miss depending on your sense of humor. Fans of Kago’s previous works can expect more devious NSFW insanity. I was impressed at how economically Kago could introduce a set of characters, a unique premise, and then turn all its expectations upside down.

There are still other Shintaro Kago stories — like Paranoia Street, Abstraction, Fraction, and Super-Conductive Brains Parataxis — which have yet to see a proper physical release in English. Hopefully, this unconventional Manga creator’s growing popularity will allow more people to be exposed to underground manga.

Super-Dimensional Love Gun is available now from Denpa Books.

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