Image Comics Announces ‘Leon’, A New Graphic Novel Based On Jazz, Freedom And Immigration

by Olly MacNamee

Comic book creator Carmine di Giandomenico (The Flash, Daredevil: Battlin’ Jack Murdock) and up and coming artist Francesco Colafella, in partnership with Arancia Studio (the Italian media company which works on Mirka Andolfo’s Image Comics titles Commanders in Crisis and Deep Beyond) are to release an original graphic novel entitled Leone. An original graphic novel that tells the true story of an Italian man who immigrated to the U.S. to find fortune, freedom, and jazz. And out this December.

“Leone’s story moves from the stage of his last concert in New York City, through the sound of his trumpet. He recounts his past and his future in an emotional, nonlinear memoir made of music and memories

Step into the shoes of an American immigrant in this timely tale about spreading love and strength wherever you go and never forgetting where you came from..”

di Giandomenico, explains more about the book and in particular its structure:

“Leone is a real ‘musical’ book, as its narrative structure is dictated by the tempo of the piece that the protagonist performs within the story. It’s the music that determines the times and the intertwining of an entire life, between the past and the present. It is music that pursues the emotions of a man in search of his own identity.”

Colafella added:

“The story is based on my great-grandfather’s life, but it’s not his biography. We wanted to tell the story of an ‘ordinary’ man which everyone could identify with. The frame of everything is the United States of America of the early Twentieth century, telling the dreams closed in a cardboard suitcase during the journey to the ‘land of hope.’ Between southern Italy and New York the landscape changes, the world changes, but a man’s hopes are strengthened.”

Leone original graphic novel will be available on Wednesday, December 15th and in bookstores on Tuesday, December 21st.

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