Marvel’s Most Brutal Mutant Returns In January’s ‘Sabretooth’ #1

by Tony Thornley

Eagle-eyed readers checking out Marvel’s just-released solicitations may have noticed a surprise. The company has revealed that Victor Creed — the murderous, feral mutant foe of Wolverine — is returning after a nearly three-year absence in January’s Sabretooth #1.

Written by acclaimed writer Victor LaValle, who is joined by X-Men veterans Leonard Kirk & Rain Beredo, little else was revealed about the series. Sabretooth was last seen in-continuity near the end of House of X when he was exiled for violent crimes against humanity. We’ve learned what that could mean over the past two years — largely being fully aware in a limitless void — but we haven’t seen for sure. From the solicitation text though, it sounds like his exile has been much more interesting than we might think.

Cover by Ryan Stegman, JP Mayer, & Frank Martin

The solicit reads:

Victor Creed was the first recipient of Krakoan justice in the pages of House of X

…the first to break the laws of Krakoa…

…and the first to be exiled into the pit beneath the island.

In January 2022, he returns in Sabretooth #1.

Written by acclaimed fiction author Victor LaValle, Sabretooth unveils what Creed has been up to … and it’s not what you expect!

Stay set to for more! Pax et Justitia!

Clearly, there’s not a lot there outside of the fact that his exile wasn’t what it seemed, and that last phrase in Latin is incredibly interesting. Pax et Justitia means peace and justice. So is that a hint at Victor Creed’s activities since House of X? Or a mission statement moving forward?

We’ll see when Sabretooth #1 hits stands from Marvel Comics on January 5th!

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