Meet Captain Krakoa In December’s ‘X-Men’ #6

by Tony Thornley

Fans have joked about it for months, but apparently the creative team has also been laughing behind the scenes. In December’s X-Men #6, we get to meet the Marvel Universe’s most unexpected new hero — Captain Krakoa!

As revealed in December’s solicitations, Captain Krakoa is a new addition to the X-Men. He doesn’t appear to be a welcome addition, though, at least not to team leader Cyclops. The solicit text reads: “WHATEVER HAPPENED TO CAPTAIN KRAKOA? There’s a new hero on the X-Men. Who is he? Why is he here? And why does Cyclops not want him on the team?” 

X-Men #6 cover by Pepe Larraz and Marte Gracia

Interestingly, Cyclops is the “Captain Commander” of Krakoa, meaning the head of the nation’s security and military forces. Does that mean that Cyclops doesn’t approve of who has been selected for the role? That the selection was made without his knowledge? Or just that he’s being forced to add him to the otherwise diplomatically elected team?

“The Heroes of Krakoa have another gift to their home planet: a selfless hero from the shores of Krakoa who will defend Earth to their last dying breath,” series writer Gerry Duggan says. 

Additionally, who could be the broad-shouldered flying mutant under the flowery helmet? Could it be Cyclops’ brother Vulcan? Maybe John Proudstar, a character who was heavily referenced in the first issue of the series (but is assumed dead to the rest of the world)? Or maybe this is a completely new character?

Regardless, it’ll be fascinating to read more when X-Men #6 hits in December!

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