Shang-Chi Takes Down Wolverine And The Fantastic Four In New Second Printings

by Brendan M. Allen

Recent issues of Shang-Chi will be returning to comic shops with new printings next month. Written by Gene Luen Yang with art by Dike Ruan, Shang-Chi ’s current series has thrilled readers with new villains and dynamic action. Each issue sees Shang-Chi  face off against a different Marvel hero as he struggles with being the new leader of his father’s evil organization, the Five Weapons Society.

In Shang-Chi  #3, Shang-Chi discovered his long-lost mutant sister, Zhilan, and was embroiled in an epic showdown with Wolverine to determine her fate.

And in Shang-Chi #4, Shang-Chi had no choice but to go up against the Fantastic Four in order to rescue his mother from the Negative Zone. This revelatory issue marked the first appearance of Shang-Chi’s true mother, Jiang Li, and raised more questions about Shang’s past than ever before. And the mystery will only deepen in Shang-Chi #5, where Shang will have to protect his mother from none other than Iron Man!

Look for Shang-Chi  #3 and #4 when they return to shops on October 20th, 2021. 

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