The Top 10 Marvel Mutants Who Deserve An X-Men Solo Series

by Tony Thornley

With the announcement of Victor LaValle and Leonard Kirk’s new Sabretooth series coming in the new year, we wanted to take a look at X-Men who deserve an chance in the spotlight via their own solo series. Our only condition: the character must not already enjoy a solo series in the Krakoa era. So, sorry Cable and Wolverine!

Akihiro Logan

I did not like Daken until last year. But thanks to Leah Williams and David Baldeon in X-Factor, I’ve seen a lot of potential in the character that wasn’t there before. Giving him a new purpose as a tracker and hunter puts him on a path that’s more than just “mean Wolverine.” Also, rebranding him as Akihiro instead as Daken gives him a more noble name befitting of the new lease on life and attitude that Krakoa gave him.


Kwannon has received some much needed character development since the start of Krakoa era. Granted, a huge chunk of that development was in the era’s biggest creative flop — Fallen Angels  and as a shared spotlight in Hellions. She deserves time on her own, and with an Asian woman writing to finally get a chance to shine away from male gaze.

Laura Kinney

With the exception of her father and, maybe, Cable, Laura Kinney has been the most successful solo character in the X-Men line for at least the past decade. Though we understand why she’s been without a solo series for the entirety of the Krakoa era, she deserves her own series again — especially with her prominent role in the flagship title of the line. 


Everett Thomas has spent more time dead than alive since his creation. However, with his second lease on life placing him front and center in the core X-Men, it’s time for him to get a story of his own. It’s also time to see what makes him tick, as the character has largely been a cipher; an affable, yet serious young man with a fascinating powerset and some of the greatest potential in the X-Men universe. We need to see him stand on his own.


Ever since the Onslaught crossover, Lucas Bishop has been the ultimate example of wasted potential in the X-Men line. We’ve seen glimmers of a return to form for the time-lost X-Man, but nothing has stuck. One of the most interesting dropped storylines is the End Times Database from Astonishing X-Men, a computer full of potentially apocalyptic scenarios that he can step in to prevent. Perhaps with mutantkind unable to die, it’s the perfect time for the Last X-Man — who is both a Captain of Krakoa and the Red Bishop of the Hellfire Club — to start saving the world.


If there’s any character who deserves more of a spotlight in the Krakoa era, it’s Raven Darkholme. Now, it’s clear that Inferno is a Mystique story through and through, but there’s no denying the best issues of Jonathan Hickman’s X-Men run were the Mystique spotlights. No matter what her status quo is after Inferno, there’s no denying that a Mystique solo series would be a must-read.


Ben Gaveedra is a pansexual future gladiator mutant who has been the star of his own massive Mojoverse show. He also recently defeated a death goddess and absorbed at least part of her essence to ascend into godhood himself. If that doesn’t convince you that Shatterstar is worthy of his own series, I don’t know what else will. He’s been one of the X-Men line’s most interesting C-list characters for years and it’s time for his big break.


Lorna Dane has never been as interesting as she is right now. As a member of X-Factor, we saw her confront her struggles and come through it better than she ever has been. In Trial of Magneto, she’s been facing her baggage with her father and proving she’s more than just Magneto’s daughter. In X-Men, she’s effortlessly cool and has proven herself a powerhouse amongst the most powerful X-Men team ever. It’s time for her to step out solo and prove she can lead her own title.


The fact that New Mutants, X-Force and X-Men stalwart Dani Moonstar has never been in her solo series is stunning. She’s led several squads of mutants, been a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent in deep cover, and is a damn Valkyrie. If none of that is ripe for examination in a spotlight series, I genuinely don’t know what is.


No character has grown as much in the past decade as Illyana Rasputin. After her return in the pages of New X-Men, she has transformed from a slightly antagonistic outsider to one of the most essential mutants in the entire X-line. She’s another of the Captains of Krakoa, and she’s proven to be an essential ally to the magical community of the Marvel Universe. Bridging those two sides of her together would make for a fascinating read, and that’s not even dipping toes into the fact that she’s the current ruler of Limbo!

So what do you think? Is there anyone else who deserves their own series? Let us know on our social media!

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