Something For The Weekend: Popular Comic Book And Pop-Culture Posts From The Past Week

by Olly MacNamee

We’ve got a good variety of posts to share with you this Saturday from the world of comics, film and more. So, lets get stuck in to your weekly ten-to-takeaway:

  1. DC Comics announced One-Star Squadron this past week. A new and fun looking six-issue mini-series from Mark Russell and Steve Lieber. Read more about it here.
  2. Not to be outdone, Marvel Comics also gets on the list with their announcement of new ongoing comic nook series, Avengers Forever. Brendan M. Allen reports on it here.
  3. Another comic book announcement that made it onto this week’s list was Lady Mechanika: The Monster Of The Ministry Of Hell from Image Comics. More here.
  4. Helloween are the latest band to cross over into comics. And action figures too! Read all about it here.
  5. One last piece of comic book news to add to the list is the announcement of Savage Wizards, a new Kickstarter posted by Tony Thornley (here).
  6. Moving away from comics and into the realm of films, Ben Martin reviewed Candyman 2 here.
  7. The rest of the list consist of some of our regular columns, which is always greta to see as they are the posts our small team of dedicated writes often slave over the most. First up is Brendan M Allen’s Jumping On here.
  8. Tony Thornley’s Classic Comics Cavalcade gets some love too. Read up on the latest instalment here, in which he looks back at Shang-Chi Vol. 1: Brothers & Sisters.
  9. Last week’s New To You Comics also gets on this week’s ten-to-takeaway too. You can find it here.
  10. And finally my own Review Round-Up also makes another appearance too. Read up on all the comics reviewed by our team here.

Before I go, I do like to tickle your fancy with a little something extra. And this week is no different. And with the surprise appearance of Helloween, I’ll leave you with the video for Skyfall from their new LP, ‘Helloween’. Rock on, dude!

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