‘Batwoman’ Season 3 Trailer Outlines Ryan’s New Mission And Introduces A Hatter

by Erik Amaya

Even though it feels as though Batwoman just ended its second season, the program will be back for a third run in just a little under a month. And when it does, Ryan (Javicia Leslie) and the rest of the team have a new mission: recovering the Batcave trophies stolen late last season. And as the trailer below indicates, they will have the help of Alice (Rachel Skarsten) and the added muscle of Luke’s (Camron Johnson) Batwing suit to help in the search. But will it be enough to stop threats like the Mad Hatter (Amitai Marmorstein), and, seemingly, Killer Croc?

Beyond Marmorstein, the season will also include Bridget Regan as Poison Ivy, Robin Givens as Gotham business owner Jada Jet and Nick Creegan as her son Marquis. Also, Gotham’s Victoria Cartagena reprises her role as Renee Montoya. Although, in this reality she’s an ex-Gotham PD detective who may be asking more provocative questions of both Ryan and Gotham at large.

Hopefully, the lack of a huge cast shake-up will allow the program to become a bit more cohesive than it was last season. Using the stolen trophies as an overall mission is a great way to set up more episodic adventures while long-term ideas like Ryan’s search for her birth mother become B-plots across the year. Getting away from a big bad for awhile will do this show wonders.

Batwoman returns October 13th on The CW.

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