Todd McFarlane’s Spawn Superhero Team-Up Book ‘The Scorched’ #1 Reveals Line-Up Of Cover Artists

by Olly MacNamee

Todd McFarlane continues to expand the Spawn line of comics with The Scorched #1. This follows up on the three recently launched Spawn spin-off books, Spawn’s Universe #1King Spawn #1 and Gunslinger Spawn #1, which were the biggest selling Image Comics books in the 21st century.

“The Scorched #1 is the first all-new issue of McFarlane’s Superhero team book. After 30 years of the regular monthly Spawn book, The Scorched gathers the best of the characters for three decades and puts them together into one title. McFarlane has also recruited some of the top talent in the industry for this inaugural launch.

The initial characters in The Scorched #1 first issue will include: Reaper, Spawn, Redeemer, Gunslinger, Medieval Spawn, She-Spawn, and many more waiting in the wings.”

The Scorched will be produced by writer Sean Lewis and artists Stephen Segovia and Paulo Sequeria. Featuring cover art by Frank Quitely, Greg Capullo (1:50 incentive cover), Don Aguillo, fellow Image founder Mark Silvestri, Brett Booth, and of course, McFarlane. Booth’s cover of The Scorched #1 interconnects with King Spawn #1 and Gunslinger Spawn #1 to form one epic work of art.

Alongside all these various covers will also be a rare The Scorched #1 1:250 copy incentive cover which McFarlane will hand-sign and come as a numbered limit edition. Each signed The Scorched #1 1:250 includes a CGC Certificate of Authenticity that retailers can send in and redeem through CGC to have their books graded. This is the only time McFarlane will sign The Scorched #1 1:250 copy incentive cover.

For every 250 copies of The Scorched #1 issues ordered, retailers will become eligible to order five incentive covers of The Scorched #1 by Capullo and one The Scorched #1 McFarlane incentive cover.

The Scorched #1 will be available on Wednesday, December 15th from Image Comics

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