Valiant Celebrates ‘The Harbinger’ #1 With 1/250 Metal Cover And Gift Bundle

by Brendan M. Allen

Ahead of the release of The Harbinger #1 on October 27th, Valiant Entertainment revealed a first look at the special Metal Variant Cover and The Harbinger Gift Bundle.

From the mind of Valiant’s Director of Design and Production Travis Escarfullery, The Harbinger #1 Metal Cover breathes new life into Robbi Rodriguez‘s eye-catching artwork that appears on the debut issue’s primary cover. Featuring a four color print over metal, the vibrant cover is available exclusively to participating retailers who will obtain one metal cover for every 250 copies they order of The Harbinger  #1.

In addition to receiving the limited metal cover for ordering 250 copies of The Harbinger  #1, comic book shops will also get an exclusive Gift Bundle. This limited gift bundle includes one The Harbinger slipcase box set, one pin, four postcards, one poster, and one bookplate signed by co-writers Collin Kelly and Jackson Lanzing. Aside from The Harbinger pin, these items will only be available with the Gift Bundle.

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