‘Willy’s Wonderland Prequel’ #1 Comes To Kickstarter

by Brendan M. Allen

American Mythology delivers horror by bringing the 2021 cult hit movie, Willy’s Wonderland, to comics Kickstarter. The cinematic release stars Nicholas Cage as the mysterious character “the Janitor” who is tasked with surviving just one night inside Willy’s restaurant of animatronic horrors.  Director Kevin Lewis gives horror fans an energy drink slurping, pinball playing, blood and guts gushing adrenaline rush as Cage fights to survive the night against Willy the Weasel and his collected brood of lunatics turned into walking children’s nightmares. 

American Mythology takes fans back to the scene of the crime with a four issue prequel comic series. All the fan-favorites, like Willy, Arty Alligator, Siren Sara, Gus Gorilla, and the complete Willy’s gang are back and hungrier than ever.  

The new storyline focuses on the events leading up to the movie and a look back to how Jerry Robert Willis, a.k.a. Willy Weasel, and his band of fellow psychopaths met and ended up as twisted versions of beloved family restaurant idols. Character favorites, Tex Macadoo, Jed Love, and Sheriff Lund return for the new book. The comic series promises all the blood, gore, and gonzo fun of the hit movie and more.

To celebrate the occasion… American Mythology is offering a special collectors’ edition of Willy’s Wonderland Prequel #1 to fans on the Kickstarter platform.  The project offers fans everything from digital copies to standard editions to incredibly limited editions that have very small print runs.  

The series is written by veteran horror comic writers S.A. Check and James Kuhoric with interior art for the series by Puis Calzada. Willy’s Wonderland Prequel #1 comes with lots of cover options including the main connecting cover by the horror team of Buz Hasson & Ken Haeser, a variant bloody birthday cover by interior artist Puis Calzada, and a special rare ‘Slashin’ Time’ movie poster edition featuring Willy Weasel himself. Add to that the special Black & White Kickstarter edition that comes with one of four possible mini-posters from Willy’s Wonderland and the limited serial numbered chrome cover and you have all the fixings for a bloody good time. There will only be 250 of the Black and White variants printed, and the chrome variant is further limited to 66 copies. 

Backer rewards begin at the $5 level, for a digital copy of Willy’s Wonderland #1, and progress through physical copies of the book, graded copies, and variant covers. The Kickstarter campaign ends on October 2nd at 10:00 PM EDT. Check it out right here

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