Kaiju Mayhem Erupts This Christmas In Red 5’s ‘Mega’

by Brendan M. Allen

Giant monsters, strange happenings and immaculately constructed art. Auteur Salvador Sanz takes on kaiju in a way no one has ever seen before with Mega, coming to your local shops this December from Red 5 Comics.

‘Something is wrong with nature: birds are gathering in unusual ways; strange crystals are growing in the Arctic; alarm bells are ringing and no one is listening.  No one but a single little girl who dreams of monsters. What does it mean and will the world find out before the Mega creatures destroy everything in their path?’

Angela Della Morte was one of the best series we launched in 2019 or even in all of the years I’ve been with Red 5 Comics,” co-publisher Joshua Starnes said. “Salvador just has a different way of looking at things. When you combine that with giant monsters, you just know you’re going to get something amazing.  Mega delivers on every level.”

Mega will emerge as a two-issue premium series in oversized 8×11 inch editions with 48 pages of story and bonus material per issue, offering the largest possible palette for Sanz’ artwork.

The monster mayhem begins December 2021.

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