Another Pacey And Punchy Issue: Reviewing ‘Chu’ #8 From Layman And Boultwood

by Olly MacNamee


saffron Chu has been transported back to 1808 France. And on the look out for a big score in another pacey and punchy issue of Chu from John Layman and Dan Boultwood.


Saffron Chu finds herself in early 19th century France and on the look out for the heist of the century. It’s just she doesn’t quite know what it is she’s looking to steal yet. But it’s not Saffron that many catch your interest at first. No, that would be old man Ing Chu who we surprisingly learn is no stranger to time travel himself. And once more, just as John Layman did with Chew, we are turned on our head from what we thought we knew to what is actually taking place.

What started off as one kind of comic is blossoming into something completely different and unexpected as Layman plays fast and loose with his characters and any preconceived ideas the reader may have. Layman is having great fun exploring this more nefarious branch of the Chu family tree and so is his partner in crime, artist Dan Boultwood, who infuses this issue with so much joy. It’s a very animated style of artwork but works so well in unison with the narrative. With the characters and the wonderfully daft premise we witness throughout this issue, it’s much more than just a spiritual sister to the much loved Chew saga, but quickly growing into its equal.

In early 19th century France, Saffron uses her various skills she picked up while in prison to work her way into the heart of high society. Even if those skills often boil down to a quick K.O. But once she gets there, something is not quite right with the visiting dignity, Grand Viscount De Mimolette. Another character with an appropriately food derived name suiting his personality. But before she can carry out her plan… well, let’s just say she gets wicked away and leave it at that. We don’t do spoilers on this site. You’ll juts have to pick up the issue and join in the fun.

Who knows where Saffron’s story will take us next, but I’m damn sure it’ll involve her loser boyfriend for a while yet. Especially with the clues dropped in this issue that suggests he may have more in this particular plot that first it seems. 

Another highly enjoyable issue that skips along at a pace that is befitting of Saffron’s own breezy, but also steely character, with a cliffhanger that promises more thrills and spills next issue. Great stuff!

Chu #8 is out now from Image Comics

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