Legendary Entertainment Acquires Film And Television Rights To ‘Heathcliff’ Comic Strip

by Erik Amaya

It looks like Legendary Entertainment will empower Heathcliff to terrorize his neighborhood again.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the company has acquired the film and television rights to the comics strip created by George Gately. Since 1973, the sassy, street-smart cat has appeared in newspapers and stared in two 1980s cartoon series — although the way he ended up the title character in the second series is a story worthy of its own YouTube video. But despite certain similarities to fellow funnies page cat Garfield, the character never received a film of his own when the lasagna-loving feline enjoyed a brief stint as a movie star.

This will now change as Legendary plans to develop a film and TV show simultaneously. Gately’s nephew, Peter Gallagher (who currently produces the comic strip), will server as a producer on the projects alongside Stuart Little‘s Steve Waterman.

As with all new acquisitions, it is unclear how quickly either project will materialize. We expect Heathcliff’s new lease on life outside the strip will still be several years away.

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