Kickstarting Comics: Advance Notice For ‘Meanwhile’ #11

by Richard Bruton

Time for another Kickstarter focus – this time giving you a little bit of advance notice for the new volume of Soaring Penguin’s flagship anthology, Meanwhile… with volume 11 heading to Kickstarter on Wednesday 29th September.

Just as with all the previous volumes, Meanwhile… #11 features a mix of familiar (and rather wonderful) ongoing stories as well as new one-shots, bringing together some incredibly talented established creators and a set of fresh voices for something wonderful.

Amongst those featured in Meanwhile… #11 you have Gary Spencer Millidge, whose ongoing Strangehaven story has just been optioned for TV/movie development by IDW. And here’s a sneak peek of the latest episode:

But you’ll find work from writers and artists including Roger Langridge, Sarah Gordon, Ginny Skinner, Mulele Jarvis, Pierre Yvanoff, Oisin Roche, Pedro Gomes, Francis Deshamais, Jack Redmond & Conor Spielberg, Kari Sihvonen and Robert Stevenson.

Soaring Penguin transformed their business model into one of crowdfunding-based publication in 2020, as a means to better provide creators with a reasonable chunk of cash, as well as a way to get some quality comics out there in an increasingly difficult comics market.

This from Soaring Penguin Press Co-Publisher John Anderson:

Our aim is to make Meanwhile… a glorious behemoth of a quarterly anthology where every issue contains unexpected delights from both known professionals and yet-to-be-discovered voices.

And, based on what’s come before, they’re doing a damn fine job of it.

The Kickstarter for Meanwhile… #11 begins on Wednesday 29th September. Sign up at the link to be notified, and get pledging to bring another volume of great comics into being.

More when the Kickstarter goes live, but just to give you a hint of what’s coming, here’s just some of the greatness from Meanwhile… #10.:

Strangehaven by Gary Spencer Millidge

Taniwha by Roger Langridge

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