Review: ‘Once And Future’ #20 Sees King Arthur Meet A Worthy Adversary

by Olly MacNamee


King Arthur more than meets his match while Bridgette makes plans in the relative safety of the Grail Castle. Plus Rose finally heads out to look for her parents in Once and Future #20.


The legend of King Arthur is over 1,500 years old, so in all that time it’s no wonder there have been many iterations of this legendary figure to fit with the various eras that have adopted him. Most are familiar with the Medieval chivalric ideal of Thomas Malory, but in Once and Future writer Kieron Gillen has given us an older, more Celtic version. And now he harkens in yet another version, and one we have yet to come to know. Although he does have Lancelot as his champion and a character revealed here that has been wanting from this title up until now. But, it still comes as a surprise, nonetheless, no matter now integral this person is to Arthur’s story. Both later additions to the legend, hence their presence by the side of this newer version.

And while the two would-be kings of England set about battling one another we catch up with Bridgette and the gang as they hole up in the Grail Castle. The scale of which is magnificently grandiose and at time suitably sombre to suit the mood of the moment as Rose tells it like it is to Bridgette before heading off to Bath to find her parents.

Dan Mora’s artwork shifts and changes to compliment the various tonal shifts of Gillen’s script wonderfully well, echoing the different emotionally charged impact of each scene. Whether it’s Bridgette’s heart-to-heart with her grandson, Duncan, or the Lancelot’s dexterous face-off with a page full of zombie hordes, Mora is more than up to the challenge. And all once again enchanted further by Tamra Bonvillain’s colour art.

It’s another spellbinding issue that’s heavy on the fantasy elements as England continues to be transformed and threatened by Otherworld. And like in previous issues and story arcs, isn’t afraid to delve into other myths and legends to further the story.

Once and Future #20 is out now from BOOM! Studios

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