Clover Press To Publish Biographical Greg Louganis OGN

by Brendan M. Allen


Clover Press has announced plans to develop a biographical graphic novel about Olympic champion diver and LGBTQ+ activist Greg Louganis in Winter 2022. The creative team for A Champion’s Story isn’t finalized, but Mr. Louganis will be involved in every stage of the book’s development and creation.

The OGN will tell Louganis’ life story, from childhood through his early diving career, to achieving Olympic greatness. Challenges and triumphs in his personal life will be chronicled. 

Louganis says

I’m so excited to bring my story to the graphic novel audience. The team at Clover Press, with such broad experience and success, are the perfect partners. As it was with my diving, I strive to achieve the very best. I know this collaboration will empower me to do just that and am already enjoying this journey!

Louganis was raised by his adoptive parents, Frances and Peter Louganis. At the age of nine, he began diving lessons after the family built a swimming pool. He started training with Chuck Ruzicka, his first diving coach, and went on to catch the attention of Dr. Sammy Lee and coach Ron O’Brien. Under their tutelage, he won gold medals at both the 1984 and 1988 Summer Olympics. 

The story doesn’t stop there. Louganis went on to experience extreme highs and lows in his personal life and career. A Champion’s Story recounts these events in a compelling graphic novel format, including his life as an adopted bi-racial child in Southern California, his re-connection with his biological family, and health challenges.

Louganis came out publicly as HIV-positive in 1995 and has been a prominent LBGTQ+ activist. He works frequently with the Human Rights Campaign to defend the civil liberties of the LBGTQ+ community and people diagnosed with HIV and AIDS.

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