Soaring Penguin Press Goes Back To The Well With ‘Meanwhile…’ #11

by Brendan M. Allen

Hitting Kickstarter on September 29th, Meanwhile… #11 marks the return of ongoing stories as well as new one-shots, bringing together established creators and fresh voices for a unique book. 

Among those creators featured this time is Gary Spencer Millidge, whose ongoing Strangehaven story has just been optioned for TV or movie development by IDW. Other writers and artists include Roger Langridge, Sarah Gordon, Ginny Skinner, Mulele Jarvis, Pierre Yvanoff, Oisin Roche, Pedro Gomes, Francis Deshamais, Jack Redmond, Conor Spielberg, Kari Sihvonen, and Robert Stevenson

Following the successful Kickstarter campaign for Meanwhile… #10, Soaring Penguin Press is bringing the anthology back. The title is especially important because of its ability to provide a platform to creators who would have a more difficult time finding publication elsewhere. Meanwhile… has a unique mission to find the best stories, whatever genre or category they might fit into. 

Since expanding into a Crowdfunding model last year, Soaring Penguin Press has used it as a way of increasing creator pay-outs, which remains the target of this campaign. 

Elaborating on this, Soaring Penguin Press Co-Publisher John Anderson said 

Our aim is to make Meanwhile… a glorious behemoth of a quarterly anthology where every issue contains unexpected delights from both known professionals and yet-to-be-discovered voices.

In Comicon’s Kickstarting Comics feature, Richard Bruton has this to say about Meanwhile… 

They might say it’s the best anthology you’ve never heard of, but I reckon we can change that. I know you’re going to absolutely love Meanwhile. I know I do!

Readers can find the Kickstarter campaign right here.

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