Early Look: The Guilds Have Aligned In ‘Magic’ #7

by Brendan M. Allen

BOOM! Studios has revealed a first look at Magic #7, the latest issue of their original comic book series from writer Jed MacKay, artist Ig Guara, colorist Arianna Consonni, and letterer Ed Dukeshire.   

‘Ravnica united! The Guilds have aligned just in time to find their sprawling city transformed into a battlefield! Their enemies are mutant horrors: citizens changed by their cultish devotion to an entity that threatens all life across the multiverse. Though our planeswalkers are now aided by guild warriors from Boros angels to Simic super soldiers, can Kaya, Vraska, and Ral Zarek reach Jace Beleren before the herald of [REDACTED] does?’

Featuring main cover art by Qistina Khalidah and variant cover art by Ig Guara, CF Villa, Jakub Rebelka, and Christian Ward, Magic #7 hits the spinner racks on October 6, 2021. 

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