Ian Bohen Joins ‘Superman & Lois’ For Season 2

by Erik Amaya

Teen Wolf alum Ian Bohen will soon make his way to Smallville.

Deadline reports the actor will recur in the second season of Superman & Lois as Lt. Mitch Anderson, a member of local law enforcement who would like nothing more than to make Superman (Tyler Hoechlin) his subordinate. The character appears to be new for the program, but it is always possible the name is a cover, much like how Wolé Parks‘s character was called “The Stranger” in early episodes and Morgan Edge (Adam Rayner) turned out to be a completely different person. Then again, populating Smallville with more characters is a good idea … especially as Kyle (Erik Valdez) will be less of a jerk going forward.

Nevertheless, we can’t help but wonder if the show will eventually introduce Kenny Braverman — aka Conduit — as the program could easily present him as an average Smallville citizen with a long-standing grudge against Clark for reasons that have nothing to do with Superman. Also, the absences of Pete Ross and Chloe Sullivan are notable…

In the interim, though, the program will likely continue its odd mix of Arrowverse big bads and small town family drama. It’s a more-or-less successful combination for the series and we look forward to seeing how it can expand upon those ideas when it returns in 2022.

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